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Meet the team

The UKCL - United Kingdom Cornhole League was created in 2021 by Daniel Lilley with the vision to provide the competitive cornhole player with good season structure and exciting events, throughout the UK.

March 2024 bought an exciting change to the league as the league changed ownership and management. League founder Daniel Lilley moved on to become the ACO European Director, with the UKCL now headed up by Alistair Pettitt, Nick Pettitt & Ben Gregory. 

The 2023/2024 season (Season 2) is underway, which can earn you points and prizes.

No matter your age or gender, everyone can play!


The Directors of the UK Cornhole League steer the overarching strategy and commercial growth of the organisation. They are committed to the development and expansion of cornhole throughout the UK, focusing on strategic partnerships, enhancing player experience, and nurturing the sport's community roots.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the UK Cornhole League provides strategic guidance, leveraging their expertise in sports governance, commercial growth, and financial management. They support the Directors in shaping the league's future, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, and elevating event organisation and media relations.

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