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Playing Cornhole is a fun game but when that game becomes a sport we have to regulate the equipment that players use.

The UKCL stamp shows that the brand has been certified by our league and unless stated, the equipment they produced is accepted to compete with.


Bag Size

Bags should be 6x6 inches (") with an accepted tolerance of 5.75" - 6.25".


Bag Weight

Bags should weight 16 Ounces (Oz) with an accepted tolerance of 15.5 - 16.25 oz.


Tournament Protocol

Bag inspections could be conducted randomly or if requested by the opponent, if a breach of rules is encountered then

disqualification from the event will commence.

Bag brands with no stamp or stamps of other organisations can still be used if they fall within the above regulations.


Boards need to meet the required size and stability to be deemed tournament standard.

Board need to be 4ft in length and 2ft in width.

If the board has a 1/2" (12mm) ply surface it must have a centre support bar underneath for impact stability.

If the board has a 3/4 (18mm) ply surface the support bar is not required but still recommended.

The front of the board should stand between 2½'’ and 3½'’ off the ground.

The back/top of the board should be raised 12’’ off the ground, within a half-inch margin.

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