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UKCL Partners with the ACO

Thanks to you, the United Kingdom Cornhole League is growing and over the last few months we have been delegating with the original cornhole organisation (American Cornhole Organization) on how we can help each other grow further.

In the coming years this partnership will offer you opportunities to play in ACO events across the UK and Europe but also earn points in the UKCL season standings.

Since we started back in July 2021 we have always followed the original rules on the sport from the ACO and a new UKCL illustration of their rules will be introduced this week on our website.

The UKCL is still its own entity and this means that any equipment within regulation size and weight can still be used no matter the organisation it represents.

As you may or may not know, We Love Cornhole (.com) is a funding partner for the UK Cornhole Community and the league. They have partnered with the ACO to provide you with regulated equipment and pro stamp series from both organisations (UKCL and ACO). Purchasing from WLC will only increase event hospitality and prizes.

More exciting news to follow

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