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Season 2022/23 Structure Announced

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Our yearly seasons run from September to September and the ranking system is a 2 year order of merit. For Example: If you generate points in the first and second season, when you play the 3rd season the first season is removed.​​

Points are awarded on the number of attendees at the event, see points chart HERE

There is six events in a season

You can accumulate ranking points by playing any event but the UK Championship is only played by the top 15 players in the order of merit plus the UK Open winner.

UK Open date to be confirmed So our major competitions will be situated around the Manchester area because of it's great transport links, and in most cases, it is accessible within 2.5 hours from anywhere in the UK.

We will confirm the qualifier locations in due course.

Tournaments will be Singles only but we may move into doubles once the increased interest is there.

  • Group/Bracket tournament

  • Best of 3 games (First to 2)

  • First to 21

  • Cancellation format

  • Ranking points

  • Cool prizes and Trophies

More to follow.......



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