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New Principle Partner

The United Kingdom Cornhole League are pleased to announce a partnership with one of the Worlds fastest growing brands Haier and their product line of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

The partnership will help the league produce better quality events with the main factors for the upcoming season being venues and equipment for the 2023/24 season.

Commissioner Daniel Lilley said

"Cornhole is growing fast in the UK and this partnership helps promote the sport in so many new ways, the funding is vital at this early stage of sport promotion and we really want to help with grassroots development.

He continued by saying "Anyone can play this sport, from your back garden to mainstream TV, that is the beauty of it

Bob Cowlard, European HVAC General Manager said

"Haier HVAC solutions are proud to partner with the UK Cornhole League (UKCL) as their lead sponsor for the coming season (and hopefully beyond).

Haier is a major Air conditioning and Heating brand across Europe but this year we are investing more into the UK market, so we see several synergies with the UKCL as they are a sport with massive exposure in the US but, like us, are on the growth curve in the UK.

Haier highly respects the UKCL on how they are ‘punching above their weight’ with their online presence and use of video coverage for their key tournaments which is driven by a number of volunteers. We hope that with this partnership we can in some way contribute towards the growth of the sport. Haier’s air conditioning ethos is ‘smart healthy air’ and that is why we look to sponsor minority sports because as they grow it offers increased options for people to get involved in physical activity.

We hope that we can be part of the next stage of UKCL as they look to expand clubs and membership".

With the partnership announcement, we also are pleased to show you the new UKCL Pro Shirt.

To find out more on Haier, please visit this link >

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