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New Membership packages announced by the league


First of all, we wanted to give our thanks to the players that have continued to support the league and it's drive to promote the sport in the UK. This membership scheme is to give the league more future stability and better projections for the remaining 2022/23 season. The packages have been set with two factors in mind, affordability and desire. We still offer a STARTER package to the player, allowing them to play in all events and continue to earn full ranking points and trophies. If you would like to stick with this, then you do not have to do anything to your current membership. There is now an ADVANCED package where it allows you to earn prize money from all events as well as getting all the starter features. We are very excited to now introduce a PRO package where you get extras like the accolade of becoming a UKCL Pro and with that, you get a custom pro shirt, entry to a pre-announced pro shootout event in the 2023/24 season and best of all,.... your entry fee's included for all events. Please note that the pro package does require a skill test video sending to the league before purchasing, a dekaround score of 80+. For those that don't know what a dekaround is please see here



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