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LIVE Updates - ACL Europe Virtual

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

UKCL Pro's Matthew Richardson, Daniel Lilley and Geoff Vaughan are competing in the ACL Europe Virtual event. An event that is a test of your consistency and skill level against the some of the best players in Europe.

Throughout this week our three pro's have been battling out in a rounders format, each player having 4 games to reach the last 32 knockout stage.

Below is the updated scores so far.

Mathew Richardson Results Daniel Lilley 80 Matthew Richardson 90

Matthew Richardson 86

David Peridy 90

Matthew Richardson 79 Arno Simons 91 Herve DONADINI 39 Matthew Richardson 72 Daniel Lilley Results

Daniel Lilley 80

Matthew Richardson 90

Daniel Lilley 74

Laurence Thibor 39

Daniel Lilley 83

Matko Flegar 72 Daniel Lilley 84

Dennis Kötter 82

Geoff Vaughan Results

Roman Elsner 80

Geoff Vaughan 54

Geoff Vaughan 37

Matthias Kranz 58

Sanel Ibračević 52

Geoff Vaughan 85 Geoff Vaughan 64

Miloš Sapák 62

Last 32

Daniel Lilley 76

Siniša Vrh 70

Matthew Richardson 86

Carsten Meurer 79

Last 16

Daniel Lilley 69

Matthew Richardson 85

Matthew Unfortunately lost in the next round to Konrad Rein.



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