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First three players enrolled to PRO


he league is delighted to announce the first three players to be enrolled into the new Pro modal.

Becoming a UKCL pro gives the player the opportunity to earn prize money as well as benefits like entering a new pro shootout tournament in August and including tournaments fee's for the whole season.

The league set an initial first season Dekaround assessment of 80+ points which was achieved by the players. This target may increase season on season.

There is no tournament structure changes and all players have the chance of playing each other.

Matthew Richardson - Has dominated the league so far and became the first player to gain the pro badge status. His slick style of throw is causing the other players problems and although other players are getting closer his PPR of 90+ will take some beating at this stage of the season.

Graham Davies - Is a solid player, his consistency makes him reach the later stages of tournaments and is improving game by game. He loves the airmail drag approach and is pretty effective at it.

Geoff Vaughan - Is certainly the most improved player this season, the tennis coach by day has a unique but very effective style of throw and recently reach the Southern Qualifier final. Only better things to come from the maestro.

Remember to test your skills and have fun against these players at our next tournament on March 25th > Northern Qualifier

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