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Another good outing for Lilley and Richardson in Germany

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Matthew Richardson and Daniel Lilley travelled from the UK to the beautiful city of Trier, Germany.

This was the 3rd event of the ACL Europe calendar and it was attended by over 150 players, making it the biggest Cornhole event so far in Europe.

Amongst the high quality of players were top ACL pro's including Jimmy Youmans and Storm Hogg.

Daniel and Matthew partnered up in the doubles and finished 12th, meeting some high quality players from Europe, check out their results below:


W 21-2 against Oliver Frank/Dennis Haas

L 11-21 against Mathieu Rivault/David Peridy

W 21-3 against Deni Matković/Stefano Benazić

W 21-18 against Silke Bitz/Isabelle Roos

Bracket stage

W 21-18 against Mathieu Rivault/David Peridy

L 21-12 against Dennis Kötter/Rico Krull

In the singles, there were three levels with Matthew chosen in level one and Daniel in level two. You had the choice to move up but could not move down, both players stayed in their respected groups.

Due to the high numbers, the format was straight double elimination. Meaning you had a minimum of two games. Unfortunately Matthew could not progress after the elimination stage, Matthews results were as follows:

Winners Bracket

L 17-21 against Joachim Meurer

Elimination Bracket

L 18-21 against Christian Soder

Daniel Managed to reach the final of his level and despite beating his final opponent in the Semi Final, Dirk Lutz took revenge and delivered the winning formula to take victory. Daniel results were as follows:

Winners Bracket

W 21-5 against Fleur van den Berkmortel

W 21-3 against Goran Močibob

W 21-16 against Daniel Wiener

W 21-5 against Tim Meyer

W 21-17 against Michael Weishäupl

W 21-11 against Dirk Lutz


L 14-21 against Dirk Lutz

L 18-21 against Dirk Lutz

Next event is on June 14-16 in Belgium.

Photos: Mario Poepel



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