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Alistair Pettitt joins UKCL Board of Directors

The United Kingdom Cornhole League (UKCL) is thrilled to announce Alistair Pettitt as our newest board member. Alistair joins as our new sports director and comes with a robust track record in sports business and administration.

Alistair's journey in the sports sector is marked by an impressive professional background encompassing more than ten years at the helm of an International Events Department within a global sports governing body. His work there, pivotal in the quest for Olympic recognition, illustrates not only his capability but also his dedication to evolving sports at all levels.

He holds a Master of Science in Sports Business, Management and Policy, grounding his practical experience in a solid theoretical understanding of the sports industry. This blend of academic insight and hands-on leadership has been instrumental in shaping his approach to sports development and management.

As the founder of the Ashby Baggers Cornhole Club, Alistair has demonstrated a keen ability to cultivate a sporting community from the ground up. His efforts have not only sparked local interest in Cornhole but have also dynamically contributed to the growth of the sport within the broader UK community.

Alistair's role in sports business and event management, combined with his comprehensive understanding of sports policy, will be invaluable in guiding the UKCL towards new heights. His visionary approach to sports administration, dedication to community engagement, and his skill in promoting sustainable growth and inclusivity, make him an ideal fit for our organization.

We are excited to welcome Alistair Pettitt to our board, confident in the knowledge and passion he brings. His contributions will undoubtedly propel the UK Cornhole League forward, enhancing our strategic initiatives and reinforcing our commitment to establishing Cornhole as a celebrated and thriving sport across the nation.

Daniel Lilley, commissioner of the UKCL said "The cornhole community in the UK is growing at a great pace and Alistair has the qualities to drive that new community in the right direction, we look forward to the future development of Cornhole in the UK and adding Alistair to the board only increases it's success"


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